An eBay Alternative For Selling Chinese Antiques, Japanese Art and Asian Art

Your eBay Alternative
BidamountLive, the eBay Alternative

Why we think the time is right for an alternative to eBay. Do you?

We think the time is long overdue for an eBay alternative for online antique dealers of Chinese and Japanese art. (as well as all Asian Art)

For over a decade nearly everyone interested in the Chinese and Asian art world, from hardcore collectors to occasional dealers, have recognized eBay has some desperate shortcomings when it comes to running their site. These shortcomings have when combined with the problems of other selling sites around the world by default created a well-defined opening for something different and better. 

We think buying and selling can be made much better.

An eBay alternative, the birth of a different kind of site

If you’re an online seller of Chinese antiques and Japanese art and have been looking for a change from the old platforms, we hope you’ll join us and build your business. We have set up a simple to use interface, each user has their own dashboard for setting up their business presence. you can include your business name, contact information, a bit about yourself and anything else you wish to share, it’s YOUR antique business, and we want you to do well. Sellers can decide what countries they sell to by simply saying so in their listings. Selling Fees are not levied against shipping fees, no listing fees, no store fees, no set up fees. To help you make better antique listings on the site is linked to reference material including auction results, museum collections, hundreds of readable online auction catalogues, the Bidamount FORUM and Peter’s YouTube Channel. Keep in mind, this site is vetted and will not knowingly permit the sale of fakes, copies and blatantly misdescribed objects. Copies will be removed as soon as we see them. (All users agree to this when they sign up to sell here.Knock offs of Chinese antiques will not be tolerated. Also rest assured, non-payers will result in having their accounts being closed aka account revocation.
an ebay alternative