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Who Can sell on this site?

Who can Buy on this site?

Can I Buy and Sell on this site?


A site where you have about the same flexibility to buy and sell Chinese and Asian art in the same way you would with any dealer, working full or part-time in a private transaction. 

A willing buyer and a willing seller is all that is needed here. This not eBay. 

The site you've been waiting for

More Details: "Site Rules & Terms"

Who Can buy on the site?

Pretty Much anyone

Anyone can buy or bid on the site who is over the age 18.. All users must register to Buy or place a bid. 

In most states and countries a person under the age of 18 cannot enter into a purchase agreement, so we draw the line there. If you’re under 18, have an adult place the buy order or bid on your behalf. 

you Will Need a payment method

Be sure to have a preferred method of payment in mind when opening an account.

Non-Payment Rules: Failure to pay for any purchase invoice within three days of being bought or won in an auction, will result in account closure after three additional days. Unless other arrangements have been made with the seller.  This is NOT eBay, so please do not bid or buy any item unless you’re committed to buy and pay immediately. 

Who Can Sell on this site?

Pretty Much Anyone BUT!

Anyone owning Chinese or Asian art can sell on this site, provided it is not posted as something it is not.   In other words, modern fakes and copies cannot be posted here.  We will remove them.  

If you're a dealer

You can create your own store profile.  Let buyers know about you and your business. You can include phone numbers, email addresses, links to your own site, address, phone numbers etc. 

If you're not a dealer

You can sell on the site but will have to provide accurate information about the object. It must be authentic, dated accurately and you will need to list things with all pertinent information. 

What kind of payments can I accept?

More types are better than fewer

You can accept pretty much anything: Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks, Wire Transfers, Cash, Money Orders, Kruggerands , or even a herd of goats.

More About Payments

In the event, a sale takes place with payment being done via Checks, Wire Transfers, Cash, Money Orders, Kruggerands or a herd of goats. 

We only ask that you honor the agreed site seller’s fee under our Terms of Service of 8% by sending along the amount to us via PayPal or by check. Be sure to note the item’s selling amount and description to ensure getting credit. 

If you’re paid via goats, chickens or Krugerrands we request the payment to us be made in in dollars. 

What do i have to include in my selling listings?

A Few things are required

PHOTOS: A minimum of 8 photos, preferably shot on a background of White, Grey, or White to Grey/Black gradient paper. They will look much better and will heavily improve the chance of your item selling at a good Auction price or sooner if being offered at a Fixed Price. 

You also have to include:

The AGE or Period. Qing, Ming, Edo, Meiji, 18th C. , 19th C., Kangxi, Wanli, etc.

Country of Origin, China, Japan, Thailand etc. 

Condition: Describe any chips, cracks, breaks, repairs. 

Full Description, what you know about it, be as detailed as possible. 

Material, Porcelain, jade, wood etc. 

Dimensions: width and height.

Price (Fixed Price Items)

Opening Bid and Reserve Price (if any)  for Auction listings.

Auction Duration Period

Not sure?

In the event you’re sure not about something, let us know or go to the FORUM page linked off the “Learning-Info” link on the top menu and ask there. 

Copies and Reproductions, modern copies are of any kind are strictly forbidden. Posted examples will be removed without notification. Repeated postings will result in the seller’s account being terminated. 

Your Account Section

Most of the info you need

As a user you will be able to find almost everything needed to know on your account page. 

What's there?

The page is a menu including direct links to all items and areas of information pertaining to your account.  From there you can change contact information, addresses, purchases, favorite sellers, and so forth. 

Returns & Refunds

Reducing the Chances

Nobody likes returns, including buyers and sellers.

To minimize this potentiality we ask sellers to include as much information as possible about the item(s) and crystal clear good photographs representing the listing accurately. 

We also ask that buyer’s ask questions to clarify any concerns before entering a transaction. 

If there is a problem-Communicate

In the event of an issue, the first step is for the seller and buyer to try and resolve the problem amicably as quickly as possible. 

Can't Work It out?

In the event a dispute cannot be resolved, get ahold of us by opening a case via email. Once we’re involved, in the unlikely event a solution cannot be arrived at satisfying both parties, we will make the final determination for both parties. 

Privacy & Security

Your Information

Privacy policy: Under no circumstances will we ever share, rent, lease, sell or convey any of your personal information to anyone without your expressed notarized written permission. This includes email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, purchase history, and so forth. 

Site Security

The entire site is protected by Cloudflare Security Solutions, 

Cloudflare is among the world’s most preeminent site security companies providing: DDoS attack mitigation, Global Content Delivery Network, Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Other site protection assets include: Let’s Encrypt SSL, Leech Protection, Hotlink Protection, SSH Access Protection. 

Our Own Office Email Security

All of our in-office computers are protected by Trend Micro Software Solutions as well as Cloudflare through our own TMD Cloud Server. 

Thank You

If you’re looking for more information, check “Using The Site” for guidance. 

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